Cloud Services

Cloud Services

“Business Compute and Resources over the internet”

Cloud computing allows for businesses to reduce the costs of investing in servers, storage and compute capabilities as these are services provided by a cloud provider. Cloud services are accessible from the office, home or anywhere and from any devices including laptop, tablet, PC or smartphone.

Benefits for your organisation include:

  • Delivery of a customised service – cue IT Solutions will look to understand the business needs of your organisation and deliver a customised server solution that meets these needs. Tailored IT services for your organisation can be delivered through a combination of dedicated or shared hosting environment with custom installed virtual servers.
  • Pay as you go with no up-front costs- pay only for the products and compute resources that your organisation uses, meaning that there are no long term commitments or unnecessary compute costs.
  • Outsource your organisations day to day IT administrative tasks- allow cue IT Solutions to manage, administer and support your IT server environment, outsourcing your IT server support means that your organisation will not need to employ a full-time IT staff member.
  • No need to purchase server hardware will reduce your company capital expenditure (CAPEX) costs.

Services includes:

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